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Section Cut is a collection of resources, curated by some of the most savvy design professionals on the planet. Together we build the SC Collection, categorized in four parts: Analog for print material, Digital for incredible online content, Lectures for inspirational talks, and IRL (In Real Life) for top tools of our trades.

‘Weekly Section Cuts’ elevate sets of resources aligned with the academic semester, ‘How Tos’ unpack critical workflows, and our ‘Giants’ series features interviews of distinguished designers and educators. When it’s time to buy your next book or tool, consider purchasing through us HERE. We’ll receive a small % of any sales as an affiliate, and you’ll help support SC’s ad-free environment!

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Aside from media sponsorships and workshops, SC only makes money when we create sales for our affiliates.The next time you buy, think SC; consider clicking through SC here when making purchases with Amazon (link) or Apple (link). We’ll receive a small % of any sales at no mark up to you – and you’ll support our ad-free project!

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